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We believe in creative pragmatism. What exactly this credo means is best illustrated by the projects we realize for our clients. And because each client, each challenge and therefore each project is one-of-a-kind, we’d like to present to you here a number of projects our clients feel are the best possible expression of how we put this belief into action.


Sky Deutschland is a pay-TV service that delivers exclusive broadcasts of football games in HD, top-class interviews, high-tech cameras and the best reporters. Sky enhances the viewing experience by taking football to a whole new level. The question was: how do we generate buzz about the experience? How to prove that Sky really brings football to life? Our answer: We surprised two teams from the lowest division with the game of their lives: ‘The Sky Football+ Experience’. While the players were changing, we set up the place as if it preparing for a TV broadcast of a professional Bundesliga match, including cameras, experts, anchors, and throngs of fans who were invited through Sky‘s social media channels. The match was broadcast nationwide on Sky. We engineered an unexpected experience that took football lovers to a whole new level. The video generated more than 550,000 views on YouTube, 2,500 likes and increased the comment rate was increased 17 times. Sky Football+Football was an experience that will live on for a lifetime in the thousands of German players, customers and fans who lived, viewed, liked, and shared it.

Sky Sky Sky Sky Sky Sky Sky Sky Sky Sky

Client Sky

Category Activation on / off line

Tasks Concept

Recollections - iPad App

How can you look inside the mind of one of the world’s greatest inventors? How do you weave a massive amount of technical details and historical facts into a compelling story? How do you then make that story appeal to a wide range of users?

These were the challenges we faced when asked by the Siemens Historical Institute to develop an iPad app in German and English to mark the 195th birthday of the Siemens company founder.

In response to these challenges, we developed an innovative app that embodies the modern spirit of the entrepreneur and inventor. We mixed an outstanding motion graphic design with a skillfully edited narrative to take users on a rich, multimedia journey through the fascinating life of Werner von Siemens.

The app offers eight chapters and users can find short movies that summarize each autobiography chapter. In addition, we added interactive elements so that this great story really comes to life to the users and they can test some of his inventions for themselves.

The Recollections app achieved several thousands of downloads in the first few weeks after its launch. It was also honored with a bronze Lion for 'Mobile/Best Visual Design and Aesthetic' at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and an FWA Mobile of the Day Award.

Available on the App Store FWA Siemens Recollections Siemens Recollections iPad App Siemens Recollections iPad App Siemens Recollections iPad App Siemens Recollections iPad App Siemens Recollections iPad App

Client Siemens

Category iPad App

Tasks Concept / Design / Development

Siemens News Dashboard

It may be true that information is power but only when you have the right information. In the age of information overload, how do you stay up-to-date with stories pertinent to a company’s image and operation? When not being informed is not an option, how do you filter what’s relevant from what’s redundant? We were asked by the SIEMENS corporate communications team to answer these questions by creating something that would allow them to more effectively monitor and react to news affecting the company. The solution was as simple as it was innovative: The SIEMENS News Dashboard. We developed a backend system that aggregates and filters around 300 news feeds per day from a complex array of internal and external news sources (including social media and mainstream sites). Large multiscreen displays that gather these news feeds on a single easy-to-use interface were installed in the company’s Munich headquarters, where they became an integral interactive part of everyday editorial work in the SIEMENS news room. Between its initial developments in the end of 2010 to the end of 2012, the news dashboard has undergone a staggering 4,000 % performance improvement. The SIEMENS communication team is now better equipped than ever to be the eyes and ears of the company to make sure that no bit of news is overlooked and no communication opportunity is missed.

Siemens News Dashboard Siemens News Dashboard Siemens News Dashboard Siemens News Dashboard

Client Siemens

Category News Dashboard

Tasks Concept / Design / Development

Cookies Club Website

When cookies, Berlin’s coolest club, wanted a new website, we gave them a site that emulates the total sight and sound experience of the club itself and is as individual as its clientele.

By clicking on the beating heart that subtly announces arrival at the site and dragging it around the screen, the website colors continually change, creating a fun and vibrant way to explore the site on every visit.

Designed to look like tickets and to further recreate the atmosphere of the club, floating menu items let users know what’s going on in the club. Through minimal use of text, the simplicity of the design is matched by the user experience.

To get clubbers in the right mood, they can treat their ears to the club’s great sounds through the latest podcasts by cookies’ DJs.

We designed the site so that it’s not only fun and simple for the user, but also easy for the client to manage. Its flexible content management system allows the client to change, add or remove content elements easily, so that the site is dynamic and always up to date.

The result is a website that won a Red Dot award, is fun to visit, gives users a great experience and makes them feel excited about visiting the club. Cookies Club Website red dot awarded Cookies Club Website red dot awarded Cookies Club Website red dot awarded Cookies Club Website red dot awarded Cookies Club Website red dot awarded

Client Cookies

Category Website

Tasks Concept / Design / Development

Red Bull Game-based Training

When Red Bull asked us to come up with an idea for an e-learning platform for its sales teams, the first thing we did was to ask the questions "What is Red Bull?" and "What does it represent?"

The answers to those questions led us to develop an innovative online game that blends e-learning with fun, challenge and excitement - a solution that also encapsulates the cool, sporty and adventurous lifestyle that Red Bull represents.

Built with the company’s tech-savvy, ambitious sales staff in mind and based on the idea that Red Bull is an impulse buy, learners have to use their skills and knowledge to place the product in the most appropriate position in a variety of virtual retail outlets to maximize sales.

The content was developed in conjunction with partner Core Competence.The e-learning game allows users to compete against each other so that they can push and test themselves and learn from the results. Red Bull web-based training Red Bull web-based training Red Bull web-based training Red Bull web-based training Red Bull web-based training

Client Red Bull

Category Game-based Training

Tasks Concept / Design / Development

Sky Social Media

When Sky Germany was looking for additional ways to highlight its sports expertise and attract more subscribers to its pay TV broadcasts, we coupled the passion of sports fans with the social media and came up with a winning solution.

As exclusive social media consultants to Sky Germany, we recognized that sports fans love to talk about sports as much as watching it. So, we used Facebook to connect Sky’s sports commentators with subscribers during games. This increased interaction, the additional apps we developed and access to exclusive materials via Facebook has kept fans coming back for more.

The results are spectacular. has grown rapidly, with more than 40,000 Facebook fans in the first two months—more than any of its German competitors during this period.

The success of this project in unifying Sky Germany’s TV, website and social media presence toward a new Social TV experience, has enhanced its reputation, led to stronger relationships with its subscribers, as well as provided a highly effective way to attract potential new subscribers.

Not surprisingly, the sports-broadcasting giant is expanding its social media presence beyond Facebook and already has a growing following on Twitter. We will be there to partner with Sky in developing more winning ways. Sky social media campaign and activities Sky social media campaign and activities Sky social media campaign and activities Sky social media campaign and activities Sky social media campaign and activities

Client Sky

Category Social Media

Tasks Consulting / Concept / Design

The Shared Art Project

Every piece of art is a unique expression: Unrepeatable. Unfortunately, this also means there is a unique owner for every piece. Well, at least until this Christmas. Conrad Caine presents: The Shared Art Project, combination of technology, art, and a good cause. We met Marcelo Viquez, an upcoming Uruguayan artist, who is known from Art Basel. We bought his art piece “Gato Disfrazado De Jacobo”, a sculpture of a lonely cat disguised as a dog. We made it sharable: using 3D printing technology, we created 100 authenticated replicas. We spread them all over the world, as a Christmas gift to our clients. All except one: the original piece. For this special piece, we found someone who deserved it more than anyone else: El Alba, a children’s home in Buenos Aires. We created an auction for this peace and invited everyone to place a bid for it. As we expected, our clients spread the word about the auction, and not only did it raise the value of the original, but also the value of their own replicas. Thousands of euros were raised to help finish a new house to welcome even more kids. An original piece of collected art was created. The Shared Art Project: A Conrad Caine kind of Christmas.

The Shared Art Project The Shared Art Project The Shared Art Project The Shared Art Project The Shared Art Project The Shared Art Project The Shared Art Project The Shared Art Project The Shared Art Project The Shared Art Project

Client Conrad Caine

Category Activation

Tasks Concept / Design / Animation
Production / Development

Annual Report 2012

SIEMENS teamed up with us to create their most relevant internal and external communication tool of the year: the 2012 Annual Report.

The challenge was to transform the traditional printed report into a visual and interactive experience for the digital world.

The creation of the website combined design, audiovisual media, and infographics allowing users to navigate every section of the report in a simple and effective way.

In order to facilitate the navigation, the website organized content on the site by creating sections which included: a featured entry area on the “Annual Report” microsite, a direct entry to the company report, financial reports, and SIEMENS “At a Glance”.

With this menu, the website fulfills user demands in a productive way. Media and images were introduced in the design in order to enrich the text, improving the storytelling and communicating all the information in a more engaging way.

The experience was topped-off with the “SIEMENS Annual Report” iPad application, which featured an adapted navigation and considered every aspect of the website’s design and mood. Siemens Annual Report 2012 Siemens Annual Report 2012 Siemens Annual Report 2012 Siemens Annual Report 2012 Siemens Annual Report 2012

Client Siemens

Category Website / iPad App

Tasks Concept / Design / Development

Baldessarini Corporate Website

The brief from Baldessarini was simple: create a website that shows how its fashion ‘separates the men from the boys.’ We did more than that—our simple yet highly effective design created a digital experience that separates Baldessarini’s website from the multitude of cluttered websites.

The understated and pure design of the website is exactly what the client was looking for. It’s a website that quietly stays in the background, allowing the Baldessarini collections to come to the fore and the brand to speak for itself.

This was done using a ‘liquid’ design, which means that the high-quality pictures are always shown full size regardless of screen configuration, producing a visual and emotional effect reminiscent of a glossy magazine rather than a website.

In fact, the discreet design and text-free pages makes the user feel as if he is not looking at a website at all. Instead, the user is captivated by the images that brilliantly display the client’s fashion collections.

By precisely interpreting the client’s needs, we designed and developed a website that was described by Baldessarini as ‘one of the best fashion websites out there’. It’s no wonder that this increased traffic to the website, doubling the number of visitors in the first three months after its launch. Baldessarini Baldessarini Baldessarini Baldessarini

Client Baldessarini

Category Corporate Website

Tasks Concept / Design / Development

Allianz - Football For Life Campaign

To demonstrate its support for football at all levels, Allianz wanted to attract more 14-16 year-old kids from around the world to apply for its annual Football-for-Life training camp.

We tackled this sporting challenge with a multi-media, interactive website and a Facebook community designed to digitally capture the spirit of football. Launched in 16 languages, it not only encouraged users worldwide to share their love of football, but it also had them applying in record numbers. 2,700 applicants registered their interest in participating in the 2011 training camp. With insights into the daily lives of professional players and tips and tricks from some of the game’s greats, the website not only speaks the universal language of football, it also communicates with the youngsters using media they all understand. The creative use of sharing tools and the ease with which users could add their own content meant that the site’s visitors could open the door to the world of professional players and share their own experiences with other young players around the globe.

By allowing users to share their love of football, the website successfully unites young people from all around the world and is an excellent showcase for Allianz’s worldwide support of football. Allianz - Football for life campaign and platform development Allianz - Football for life campaign and platform development Allianz - Football for life campaign and platform development Allianz - Football for life campaign and platform development Allianz - Football for life campaign and platform development

Client Allianz

Category Campaign

Tasks Concept / Design / Development

Bridge - Eckert & Caine

Concept, idea, design and animation to create this outstanding video for BRIDGE®, the web-based management system that offers managers a constantly up-to-date picture of their organization and their central strategic activities.

Bridge - Eckert & Caine Bridge - Eckert & Caine Bridge - Eckert & Caine Bridge - Eckert & Caine Bridge - Eckert & Caine Bridge - Eckert & Caine

Client Eckert & Caine

Category Video Animation

Tasks Concept / Design / Animation


B2X is a technology-enabled customer service provider for electronic devices that wanted to implement a website strategy to redefine a corporate identity for their growing business. Besides CI development and a new design for the website, they needed to create a video in order to explain a product that was difficult to understand. The corporate design and the responsive design for mobile devices complemented a re-launch that included a new product icon design and features such as: the live transaction ticker and the DRUPAL content management system.


Client B2X

Category Animation

Tasks Concept / Design / Animation